Products(Piping/Lining&design of various Plants)


Flexible hose


They are made of various materials, such as metal, fluorine resin, etc.

Rubber Piping (Joints etc.)


There are various type, such as expansion joints or anti-vibration joints. They are used for shock absorption and chemical resistance.


Rubber Lining


They are used for general chemicals, such as hydrochloric acid and caustic soda. It is relatively inexpensive.
They are made of natural hard rubber, butyl rubber, soft rubber, etc.

Fluorine Resin Lining


They are available for special fluids, such as nitric acid, fluorine acid, or hot fluids.
They are built using sheet lining, powder coating, etc.

FRP Lining


It is a lining adapted to acid resistance and alkaline resistance. Moreover it can be used in low temperatures. Various types of resins, such as vinyl ester and phenol, are available.

Glass Lining


It has especially high acid resistance and high heat resistance.

Other Materials for Lining



We also build the product using a PVC lining, nylon lining, polyethylene lining, etc.


We offer total engineering for equipment introduced on the respective pages.

•Plant facilities design and equipment installation work

•Piping design and pipework

•Exhaust gas disposal system

•Drainage disposal system

•Design and construction of plating lines and acid cleaning lines

•Dust discharging system
• • •and so on...